Swept Away

The great wave came and
Swept me away
Like a mote seen floating in a sunlit room
I drift now

But I also see and
Hear and
This world through which
These currents carry

I learned a thing and
Became wiser
But it made me

For am I swept now away and
There is no telling where
Or whom
I might next be

Los Angeles, March 25, 2015



time spent
about you
is time

sometimes, I need to waste something


Los Angeles, 8 March, 2015

The Path

there are pathways in the world
straight and sharp as the edge of a perfect blade
curled and ridged like the tail of a chameleon
rising beyond the clouds
sinking below the great pit at the center of the soul of the world

and they are all the same pathway

every way leads back to itself
and yet like a river
never the same twice

your own footsteps
having trod upon the path
change the path

but it is still the same path
and where you will go
there you have been
and have been
and have been
and will be

each time different
but the way is the same

where once there is love
always there is love
and there is always love
even when the path has changed
and become unrecognizable
even when the love has changed
and become unrecognizable
even when you have changed
and become unrecognizable

it remains the same path
and the same love

Los Angeles, October 4, 2012