Music video: Fiscal Cliff.

A video and music made back when they did that little government shut-down thing. This is improvisational, experimental music. I am playing Chapman stick, with Breeze Smith on percussion and electronics.


The Rose

“…by any other name…,” said the ill-fated lover.

So, what is in a name?
What do you picture when I say, “a rose”?
Is it this?
rose red

Do you expect a certain scent? Thorns? A long stem?

Do you think of romance, love, and matters of the heart?

There is power in names.
We are a people of labels.
Reality is what we think it is.
Names shape reality.

Would you smell as sweet, by any other name?


Los Angeles, May 13, 2014



i am not:

a man an animal an artist your savior a name an address a writer a number a citizen a poet an energy a credit score a customer a victim a musician a pet a maker of lists

i am not
and I am

existential opposites
both true.

i am impossible

Los Angeles, May 9, 2014

The Sea

The sea of people:

murky waters
filled with silt
and the debris
of past meetings

It crashes like waves,
And I can surf them, riding only their surface,
Or I can take my chances —
Dive into its awesome forces;
Be swept along its inevitable path;
Rise desperately to breathe,
Or fail to.

I can transform,
Grow fins and gills,
Live among them in the pressured silence of the deep.

But I cannot forget the sky.
The streak of a falling star.
The tiny puff of wind that disturbs your hair.

And you are not here,
In this infinite blue world where everything can fly.

So I elect to remain aground,
Forever on this shore.
Where perhaps you will come one day,
Looking for seashells.

Los Angeles, May 9, 2014


Despite Everything

The sun rises.
The moon, progressing through its phases, is bright
even in the daylight sky.

Time is marked;
Its questionable existence
Rules all.

And that future, lost, remains lost.
But something unexpected
appears where it had been.

And despite everything,
I can think of no reason
There should not be love.

April 10, 2014, Los Angeles