Haiku: The Hunt

coyotes howling
echoing across the hills
the hunt is afoot!


2 thoughts on “Haiku: The Hunt

  1. Echo says:

    those “game of thrones” dismembered limbs underfoot, which bring lyrics to tired ears, ears besotten by the craftiness of Hera, gossip of the spying Hera, let you and Ovid and Longus argue endlessly O’er where they may lie. Fill a trillion seas with the words. For it is I who allow you to mock love with dogs this night, and no other. have you so quickly forgotten the sheep you left to slay me? penned, the oread

    • Oz says:

      O fabled nymph,
      We poor mortals meant no offense
      To thy earthen and green throne.

      Indeed, there were truly coyotes,
      Dogs of the night,
      Howling and afoot,
      Their cries haunting these hills
      Whereat I dwell.
      It is they, and not Love,
      Of which I so inadequately wrote.

      To Rhea and Cronus,
      I swear the truth of this.

      For Love may not be mocked;
      Only its weak simulacrum,
      That sad substitute,
      Of which so many accept,
      And then accuse Love of its crimes.

      You surely know this,
      O favored of Artemis.

      Rest, then, thy vengefulness,
      As there are more worthy aspirants
      To its efficacy
      Than this poor scribe.

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