Despite Everything

The sun rises.
The moon, progressing through its phases, is bright
even in the daylight sky.

Time is marked;
Its questionable existence
Rules all.

And that future, lost, remains lost.
But something unexpected
appears where it had been.

And despite everything,
I can think of no reason
There should not be love.

April 10, 2014, Los Angeles



Lament of the Hookah People

Tattered, ancient leather jacket.
Multicolored head, inside and out.
I could not see her.

Gold and red stars. Moons aglow.
The centurion faces the priestess.
The ancient rite is performed.

“You’re mine,” she says.
“And I’m yours,” I say.
“#Damnedstraight,” she hashtags.
And we sing a vow of Morphine and marijuana.

“What will you do with this love?”
“Cherish and respect it.”

But no.

Jealousies and accusations.
Yet still… days of mud and ink.
For a little while, peace.

And then,

A cry from afar for help.
Desperate action.
Mission accomplished.

No good deed goes unpunished.
The Boy Scouts forgot to mention that.

Jealousies and accusations.
Lies and games.

An ending.

Don’t date a superhero,
If helping others bothers you.

Don’t be a superhero
For its rewards.

April 3, 2014, Los Angeles

sad superhero F