that feeling

perhaps it is quantum mechanics
with its strange and distant entanglements
that makes my very nerves resonate like this

or it could be auras
that shine invisibly from each of us
or so i am told

then again it could come from that void
where our higher selves sojourn
when they are not busy being so mysterious to us

or maybe it is that energy field
created by all living things that binds the galaxy together
you know… the force

and someone else (not i) might say
the weight on my shoulder is fate’s own hand
insisting that i turn and look back

whatever it may be
it is not unreal, nor an accident
it never is

Los Angeles, 24 January, 2012


Damn It

Damn it, you with your PHP and Javascript, when are you going to:

  • read my mind?
  • stop giving up, and try one more time?
  • remember?
  • know it really was so?
  • above all that. Just that.

Los Angeles, 24 January, 2012

The Appearance

In this early hour, when the Sun is still shy and hiding behind the horizon,
Presaging its appearance with the gray lightening of the low sky,
Like a frightened child whistling away the monsters as he walks alone at night,
Why is it that you appear?
Your piercing and careful gaze;
Your laughter, at first uneasy, and then generous;
Your strange turns of phrase;
Your eager and hungry mind;
Your voice, though I never heard it sing.

Face and form. Do mine appear also to you?

Los Angeles, 22 January, 2012


The Myth

 Stone refused to move, and told Water, “Look all around you. Everything is as it should be. There is no need for change.”

 Water said, “but all things change,” and turned to Fire, asking, “should we not make ourselves ever more fitting to our world?”

 Fire thought a moment on this, then leaped up and exclaimed, “Perhaps! But instead, let us change this world to better suit us!” Addressing Wind, Fire enjoined, “Come, make a world with me!”

 Wind said, “All these things have their place. We must grow to understand all that there is, that we may choose the wisest path. Perhaps Sky can guide us.”

 And the four of them turned to Sky, who is also known as the All of Nothing, and sometimes also as Void. But Sky had already made a cosmos of conservation, a cosmos of adaptation, a cosmos of purpose, and a cosmos of understanding. He never answered, but simply created another, and yet another cosmos, each one accompanied by a sound like a metal bell, and also like a baby laughing with delight.

17 January, 2012, Los Angeles