Haiku: Wind

wind blows high and fierce
tumbleweed memories roll
breathe forgotten dust


Creative Projects – Goings On

Well, there’s some fun stuff happening.

An outline and partial script for a graphic novel that I wrote 3 years ago finally has a GREAT artist. I mean super-awesome. This is no short project, but a full novel, covering some pretty dark stuff. I am sure we’ll be working on this most of 2012, but hopefully I will be able to post a thing or two.

A new project has come up for Comfort Zone, my improvisational, free jazz/avant garde duo. Along with dancer/choreographer Rebeca Hernandez (yes, that is how she spells her first name), we are planning a full-length (about 1 hour) performance for early 2012, with 5 movements of dance and music. We will have several additional musicians, and Rebeca will have her dancers in a choreographed piece, with structured improvisation for the music. The working title (and for good reason), is Alchemy. Comfort Zone has backed up Rebeca and her dancers in several site-specific performances in Los Angeles, always to good results.

Comfort Zone, in the meantime, continues to create and record new original music, with a growing collection that is bound to lead to a second album before too long.

And I continue to dribble out musical pieces as Chinese Goblin Factory. The most recent, named “11/11/11” was made… well, you know. I’ve had requests to extend this short piece to a more full length, and am considering that.

All this, and I participate in the experimental/improvisation group, The LA Collective. This assortment of adventurous musicians, under the careful guidance of flutist and musical mad scientist Ellen Burr, meets twice a month, and is planning one or more performances in 2012. More as this develops.

And that, as they say, is everything that is fit to print. I hope your year is progressing well, as we move into the holiday season and toward a new year.