“something’s wrong,” the thought intrudes
and sits as if to stay
then cocks its head and looks amused
and waits for me to say,
“oh, really? And what would that be?”
but I already know
that more was broken, on that day
than we would ever show

broken, yes, I must admit
with scars that will not mend
because it was impossible
that it should ever end.
and yet, with shattered, scattered bits
of both our misplaced hearts,
we’ve each assembled just enough
to make do with these parts.

but now, with souls that are not whole
we seek for what we lack,
and hope that somehow in this way
we’ll find a passage back.
some way, a path, to love complete
without remorseful  sighs.
“Something’s wrong,” the thought repeats,
“i see it in your eyes.”

19 January 2011, Los Angeles


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