the third tone

[my homage to the little known fact that when two pure tones are played together, a third tone is produced, which is the difference in the frequencies of the two original tones. And, perhaps, meaning something even more.]

a stray note wandered, lost in thought
across the starry night
and silence met its plaintive voice
for no sound was in sight

across the vasty deeps it thrummed
a wave through aether stirred
a dimly heard harmonic call?
imagination, blurred?

a wave, perhaps somewhat like me?
a voice, a note, a sound
some other tone to mix with mine!
and so its thoughts went ‘round

a voice at last, it came upon
a fragile thing at best
the errant note made harmony
for wasn’t that its quest?

a fragile start, but soon resolved
into the shimmering chord
of voice and timbre unrestrained
of joy and bliss that roared

Into the void it flooded out
the purest sound dispersed
vibration filled the empty space
as joy and light traversed

the purest sound, yet something more:
for newer notes appeared
three, then four, and on it went
infinity, unfeared
11 January, 2011, Los Angeles


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