“Inverted Pendulum” by Comfort Zone marches on!

Our new release, Inverted Pendulum, is rapidly expanding into music availability channels. It can now be found on Amazon.com, and iTunes, as well as our original (and still the best!) own site. Additionally, it will soon be on the Spotify music streaming service (this is mostly in Europe).

We’ve been receiving some amazing comments, particularly from the Chapman stick community:

This is some unbearably cool stuff!  The drummer has some Chad Wackerman in his drumming.  Nice cymbal work.

Very nice. Some really cool processed Stick tones.

Really enjoying this 🙂

OK, this is weird music… I love it!

“The Harbor” is really the stand-out track for me – fascinating percussion in places (marimba?), and the whole thing has that unusual self-structuring that rare improvs have… 🙂

And one person created an internet “radio” station on Soundclick, apparently just for our tune “Sleeping In” 😀  — Thank you, Mr. McNulty

I hope we’ll have more news soon!


2 thoughts on ““Inverted Pendulum” by Comfort Zone marches on!

  1. Oz says:

    Ah, and now I see it is available to listen for free on Soundclick!

  2. Oz says:

    Wow! And more Soundclick news! We’re on their Jazz charts with the tune “Turn, World”

    # 232 in Jazz out of 37,707 songs
    # 18 in Free Jazz out of 2,250 songs

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