Three hundred and sixty degrees.
The great circle, its variations describe
The parts of atoms, and the motion of galaxies.

Its presence is felt in the arc of story,
The flow of melody,
The sway of dancers,
The rhythms of blood,
And of power.

Add the third dimension
And it becomes the spiral,
The helix, and thus,
The coded message that carries
The very pattern of life.

The pattern of life.
The great cycle, its variations describe
The machine-like virus, and the god-making Man.

Its presence is felt when the writer moves her pen,
The musician plays,
The dancer sways,
The blood rushes in excitement,
And love.

Add the dimension of sentience
And it becomes the search for truth,
Seeking ever the spiral upwards,
The path that leads back to itself,
The great circle.

11 February, 2011, Los Angeles

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