of garments and other things

i do not know of style, and such things
though i admire it in others
but the merely trendy
i find unpleasant
and very often ugly

and there are those, sources of the Nile,
who somehow enchant whatever they wear
and make it eye-arresting, thought-scrambling
and somehow right and enviable
who every day create and redefine, unknowingly: style

ah, but now we enter the unfathomable
the realm of what is beautiful
a demesne I have only looked upon
from its tenuous and shifting borders

immigrants there are in that land
allowed in by dint of effort or excess of contribution
but there are also its natural denizens
who, to a fault, are unaware that they,
by bequest of that place,
bring its qualities of grace and beauty with them
when they sojourn from out that land

I am, and forever am to be,
at best a tourist there, manifestly out of place
a nice place to visit
curiously and courteously tolerated
and like all tourists, anywhere
destined soon to return home.

27 Jan 2011, Los Angeles

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