Secret World

Oh boy! Ponies!!!
I cry, with a shout
And run to the fence,
Stick in my snout.

Breath in the hay,
The smell of fresh dirt,
Look back and smile,
“Can I ride him?” I blurt.

“I don’t see why not,”
Drawls the man in the chaps,
“I’ll saddle her up,”
“And tighten the straps.”

He lifts me on up
And buckles me in,
Puts boots in the stirrups
And says, “let’s begin.”

‘Round in a circle,
We slowly start walking,
While way over yonder
A chicken is squawking.

Then something strange happens,
A blurring of air,
The man in the chaps
Is no longer there!

But I am not worried,
For I’m riding tall!
My six-shooter’s ready
For any close call.

I ride down the center
Of the town’s single street
The sun glaring down
That old western heat.

Spurs  jangling softly,
Hooves clop on the road,
Saddle creaks rhythms:
The cowboy’s sad ode!

A man stands before me;
Unmoving and tall.
My horse stops and whinnies,
He says, “That is all.”

He easily lifts me
Back down to the earth
“Thank you!” I tell him.
He looks back with mirth.

“Mom! Mom! Did you see me?!”
I shout, run and wave.
She smiles and hugs me
And says, “You’re so brave!”

That night, to the town
I return, as I sleep.
Where I live evermore:
Secret world that I keep.


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